Thursday, November 15, 2012

Live Streaming of Thanksgiving Play

Once again Smithville Elementary will be live streaming an event. This Friday, November 16 at 12:00 pm (noon) we will broadcast from Mrs. White's 4th grade classroom. Mrs. White's students present the play each year and it is always a masterpiece. If you can't join us in house we hope you can enjoy via your computer, tablet, or phone.

For instructions on how to connect to the live stream please visit the Smithville Elementary webpage and click on Mrs. White's class - Thanksgiving Play.

The play will be videoed using an iPad!

We hope you'll join us.

Tour of Smithville

Smithville Elementary students and staff will be participating in a walking tour of our city, Smithville, on Monday, November 9th.  Each grade level will visit six community businesses during the day to learn about the city and the history as it relates to our grade level curriculum.

3rd Grade will visit Victoria State Bank, Post Office, Patricia Wolf Designs, City Hall, Police Department, and the Bark and Skate Park.

4th Grade will visit the Fire Department, Public Library, Heritage House, First National Bank, Smithville Times, and the River Overlook.

5th Grade will visit the Railroad Museum, Veterans Memorial Park, Gingerbread Man Exhibit, City Hall, Playhouse Smithville, and the Mary Nichols Art Center.

We are all very excited about this opportunity to learn about our city and the history connections.  Thank you to all of the businesses for allowing us to visit on Monday, November 9th.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

4th Grade Musical "Go Fish"

Days like today remind me of the good in the world. 

Our 4th graders Musical performance of "Go Fish" was simply outstanding today and our music teacher, Cathy Sherrill, deserves all the credit.

The kids played their parts with the confidence and expertise of experienced actors and never missed a mark. As the kids moved from one song to the next and line to line, I felt I was watching a performance made for television.

The kids did a great job and the costumes really added a nice touch to the performance. The costumes are all handmade and donated by Mrs. Sherrill's mother. She even drives to Smithville from Odessa to deliver them, making alterations if necessary. We owe a big 'thank you' to her for the wonderful costumes.

Another special piece of the musical today was that it was live streamed. We received word that family and friends from San Antonio, Odessa, Mississippi, LaGrange, Austin, and even Ireland were able to watch the show. Hearing that our costume maker couldn't stay for the show but saw it over the Internet, that dad's who've not been able to attend a school event was able to watch their child for the first time in a school event, and that family as far away as Ireland were able to watch the show left an incredible and overwhelming sense of connection to our S.E.S. family.

If you weren't able to attend today, we hope that you'll be able to view future live streams of our events. Today's production was not as good as we know it will become. The picture was static and we would love to be able to pan out, zoom in, and move the camera to show off stage activities. We will continue to work for improvement and appreciate your patience and understanding as we grow in our video capabilities. It was an overall great first run and we're looking forward to upcoming streams. We hope you enjoyed it too! 

Monday, November 5, 2012

The 'Great' Debate Bad Kitty vs. BabyMouse

Smithville Elementary students and staff were able to be a part of The 'Great' Debate between BabyMouse and Bad Kitty.  The debate took place following the Rise & Shine Assembly on the cafeteria stage.  The two candidates were represented by Dr. Rock McNulty (BabyMouse) and Mrs. Cheryl Burns (Bad Kitty).

Questions for the candidates included health care concerns, homework, favorite foods, and changes the candidates would make during their term as president.  The debate was energetic and crazy at times with both candidates exciting the crowd of nearly 400 students and staff.  Both candidates kept their answers focused on the issues and were respectful throughout the debate. 

Following the debate, the candidates posed for photographs and shook hands with the crowd.  The candidates were able to make a few last minute appearances before the end of the day visiting classes, encouraging students to vote.  At the end of the day the candidates were seen side by side campaigning as students left for the day.  

It is not quite clear at this time which candidate won the debate, but it is clear that the students and staff of Smithville Elementary are eager to cast their vote for president tomorrow, November 6th.