Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Seidel Reads her Character Essay on Loyalty for SISD School Board

By Claire Seidel

          Many people have spoken of justice over the years. Justice is a crucial part of our lives.  People speak of justice every day from having a tetherball game to being on a trial.  You would use justice at a tetherball match if your opponent cheated and wanted a fair match.  Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke of justice for the African-American citizens.  What does justice mean and what does it mean to me?
          Justice means to be just or fair.  The word justice originated from the Latin language.  It comes from the word “justicia”.
          For the big question, what does justice mean to me?  I feel that the word justice is much more than a word.  The word, justice, is a way to freedom.  If you are on trial, you have a way to freedom if it involves justice.  When Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke of justice during his “I Have a Dream” speech, people started to be hopeful.  It was a way out of segregation, “a loophole.”  Justice is one of the basic principles of our country.  The African –American people used justice as “a loop hole” to show how unjust segregation is and that if our country is just why we had segregation.  Then, a few years later, segregation was abolished because of justice. 
          I also believe justice is happiness, sadness, anger and relief.  It might seem one thing cannot be all of these feelings at once but it can.  When a robber is proven guilty, the victims will feel relief and happiness.  The criminal’s family is angry and so is the robber. 
          Don’t you want justice?  I do.  Justice is amazing.  It has one meaning and so many feelings.  It is so complex.  I believe justice is the most important right a person can have.  Justice is helpful and we need it.  We have the freedom to have justice, so embrace it.

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