Monday, November 5, 2012

The 'Great' Debate Bad Kitty vs. BabyMouse

Smithville Elementary students and staff were able to be a part of The 'Great' Debate between BabyMouse and Bad Kitty.  The debate took place following the Rise & Shine Assembly on the cafeteria stage.  The two candidates were represented by Dr. Rock McNulty (BabyMouse) and Mrs. Cheryl Burns (Bad Kitty).

Questions for the candidates included health care concerns, homework, favorite foods, and changes the candidates would make during their term as president.  The debate was energetic and crazy at times with both candidates exciting the crowd of nearly 400 students and staff.  Both candidates kept their answers focused on the issues and were respectful throughout the debate. 

Following the debate, the candidates posed for photographs and shook hands with the crowd.  The candidates were able to make a few last minute appearances before the end of the day visiting classes, encouraging students to vote.  At the end of the day the candidates were seen side by side campaigning as students left for the day.  

It is not quite clear at this time which candidate won the debate, but it is clear that the students and staff of Smithville Elementary are eager to cast their vote for president tomorrow, November 6th.

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