Friday, October 26, 2012

Tiger Time News on the SES Website

Thanks to our Librarian, Mrs. Gutierrez, the Tiger Time News will be available for parents and families to watch on our school website.  The video shown below is an edited version which does not include the three minutes of pledges, moment of silence and school creed. We encourage you to click the link below to view our news from today.  Enjoy!

Tiger Time News was established three years ago and is under the direction of our Librarian, Krystel Gutierrez.  Mrs. Gutierrez works with our news crew twice a week to produce the news segments for our campus.  The TTN is viewed in classrooms via the website which is projected through our LCD's providing a large image for the entire class to see. We are proud of our TTN and look forward to each broadcast.  We hope you enjoy it too!

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