Thursday, October 18, 2012

Reading Adventures

The Homework Machine

Tuesday of last week I began a new adventure, a book talk with a group of 5th grade boys.  I LOVE IT!  I had no idea the boys would be so enthusiastic to listen to me (their principal) read.  The excitement for me leading up to the first reading was nerve-wracking. I could not wait for the time to come to have the boys join me and help choose a book.

Once the boys arrived with their lunches, we talked about the book selections and after much deliberation, we chose The Homework Machine by Dan Gutman.  Within just a few lines in the book, the boys were laughing, talking about the characters, and eager to hear more.  It seemed like time flew as we read the first pages together.  Before we knew it, our time together for the day was over, and it was time for the boys to return to class.

As the boys gathered their things to leave, one of the boys asked, "What about when this book is finished?"  I reassured him we would continue reading books together if that's what he wanted to do.  That was an incredible feeling for me, and one that will keep me energized until next Tuesday when we meet again to read.

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