Monday, July 2, 2012

SES Teachers Attend the 2012 CSCOPE Conference

Smithville Elementary teachers are busy this summer attending professional development in preparation for the upcoming school year. The first of the opportunities has come through the CSCOPE Confence in San Antonio this past June. Teachers Chris White, Bryan Ladd, Amy Kennon, and Michele Mathis attended the three day conference along with other teachers from SISD as well as teachers from across the state of Texas.

The conference is an annual event which supports our adopted curriculum, CSCOPE. The conference hosted two keynote speakers and numerous pull-out sessions for teachers to choose from. The conference focuses on the four core courses of math, science, reading, and social studies along with sessions supporting data and technology in the classroom. SISD teachers have attended the conference for the past two years and return with new ideas, reinforcement of concepts, and strategies to share with their colleagues.

Among the topics SES teachers attended include: Creating Strategies with Curriculum to Optimise Pupil Engagement, Teaching with Social Studies Concepts in the Elementary Classroom, Dinah Zikes Notebook Foldables, Balanced Literacy Curriculum Components, Introduction to Writer's Workshop, CSCOPE Differentiation, Rubrics, Word Walls, Math Differentiation, Building Academic Vocabulary, Using Data and CSCOPE to Improve Instruction and Intervention, CSCOPE and Special Education, Accommodations and Modifications, and the Assessment Validation Process.

Teachers will share information from the sessions with their colleagues during the week of inservice in August.

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