Thursday, May 10, 2012

Teacher & Staff Appreciation

This week has been special as students bring items from home for teachers and staff as a part of Teacher Appreciation Week, supported by our Booster Club.

Teachers and staff have enjoyed the 'gifts' of appreciation and it's fun to see the excitement in the kids as they arrive at school ready to give a token of their love to teachers.

As a staff we celebrated Teacher & Staff Appreciation at our weekly faculty meeting on Wednesday with a delicious cake.

We have all felt the impact of teachers and can remember specific ones from our days in school. The ones that always held us accountable and to a high level of expectations. The ones that took the extra time to help as we struggled with assignments. The ones that made us feel like we mattered. I have very fond memories of teachers from my youth, and the relationships and feeling of worth impacted my career path. We don't all become teachers but we are all impacted by the teachers we have in school.

Thanks to all of our teachers and staff for making the impact in our students lives that makes a difference.

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