Friday, January 27, 2012

SES 4th Grader Presents 'Loyalty' reading to the SISD School Board

As part of the Bastrop County: A County of Character program, Smithville Elementary students were invited to share their personal writing on the Character Word of the Month.  The January Character Word of the Month is Loyalty, and Ana Luevano-Young, a 4th grader in Mrs. Schaatts' class, presented her paper at the SISD School Board Meeting this past Monday, January 23, 2012.

What Does Loyalty Mean to Me?
by Ana Luevano-Young

The word 'loyalty' means: the quality of being loyal.  Loyal is to be faithful to a person, cause, government, or custom.
Loyalty means to me to be faithful to my family and country: to not cheat on, hurt physically or emotionally, or talk about anyone.  For example: if a friend asks you to come play with them, and you said you had to go to the doctor but you really just went over to your other friends house, that would not be loyal to the friend you lied to.  I show my loyalty when I say the pledge of allegiance to the flags.  I do this in honor of all the people who serve my country.  Loyalty also means to me that someone or something is there for me forever no matter what the situation is.
Loyalty is important because without it there would be no friendships and our country would not be united.  Everyone would only think of themselves and I believe the would would be different from how we know it.
So in closing, I ask you to please try to show your loyalty to your family, friends, and country and mostly to yourself.

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