Friday, April 29, 2011

Junior Harvester's Open House

The 5th grade Junior Harvesters hosted their Open House today in the garden.  The weather was fantastic as the students shared their semester long experience with their families.  The festivities of the Open House included a donation from the Child Nutrition Department Director Candy Biehle.  Mrs. Biehle presented Mrs. Medrano and the Junior Harvesters two books on gardening and cooking to be placed in the school library in their honor.  Mrs. Biehle has been very helpful with the Junior Harvesters providing a guidance and a workspace for the food tasting events with the garden harvests.

The students prepared hors d'ouuvres with foods from the garden including kale, spinach, red and green leaf lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes, thyme, squash, cilantro, lime, strawberries, and chives to share with guests.  Students also prepared information about the plants grown in each bed talking to groups as they explored the garden.

One of the incredible moments was when the students released butterflies in the butterfly garden.  Listening to the students reactions and amazement of the event was unforgettable. 

The Inaugural Junior Harvesters have set a standard for the many groups to follow.  Over the semester they have built a garden, planted and grown plants, shared their harvest with the school, and have grown plants from seed they will take home.

Next week our cafeteria will begin using vegetable from the garden in school lunches. 

The garden is an amazing addition to our school and it's success is due to Mrs. Medrano's love of nature and time with the children. 

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