Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Great Salad in the Cafe

Kudos to our Child Nutrition Department on their salad bar!  I had the most incredible salad from our school cafeteria salad bar on Tuesday.  The salad bar has an awesome selection to choose from as you can see in the picture below.  This is where my salad came to life.  Picture this: green leaf lettuce, spinach, red and green bell pepper strips, cauliflower crowns, brown rice, shredded cheese, cucumber slices and a light drizzle of Italian dressing. Yum!  It was amazing - flavorful and very filling!

The salad described above, and other variations, are available for students and staff to build daily.  The choices begin with a basic helping of green leaf lettuce, carrots, and either turkey, ham, or cheese.  The next step of building the salad comes from the individual... As you can see below there are plenty of sides to add to the salad. 

The next time you have lunch with your child drop by the salad bar and see what creation you can make!

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