Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rise & Shine Monday 2.28.11

Matthew Gorman is proudly showing off his gold medal he earned competing in basketball at the Special Olympics competition on Saturday. Congratulations Matthew!

Cody Spencer is standing high on the Super Stars pedestal as "Good News" is shared about him during Rise & Shine.

These students competed at the Regional Science Fair in Austin this weekend. Congratulations to each of our competitors. A listing of their results is below. Pictured back row: Peyton Slepekis, Jade Shelton, Chad Catron, and Ava Zapalac. Pictured front row: Eliana Garza, Riley Brower-Hoy, Ashlie Dangerfield, Ashlyn Zimmerhanzel, Dakota Moberg, Alexis Tiner, and Liana Marek.

Riley Brower-Hoy - 3rd Place

Ava Zapalac - 3rd Place

Dakota Moberg - 2nd Place

Peyton Slepekis - 2nd Place

Alexis Tiner - 1st Place

Liana Marek - 1st Place

Eliana Garza - 1st Place

Jade Shelton - 1st Place

Ashlie Dangerfield - 1st Place

Ashlyn Zimmerhanzel - 1st Place

Chad Catron - 1st Place

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