Saturday, March 26, 2011

Playing with the Kids, and Losing

Today I ventured into the gym and found myself in a fun game of dodgeball with 4th graders. Some would say I am too old to be playing a game like this and shouldn't take advantage of the kids. Well let me set the record straight, the kids can play! They have great aim, plenty of energy, and the balls are much better than what I grew up playing with. I even got smacked in the face, by a girl with a good arm let me add, and was fine! Back-in-the-day, I would have been out on the floor after a hit like that.

I also don't remember the last time I had so many kids throwing things at me, and at one time! We had such a great time and I was glad I visited. I had so much fun I returned later in the day to play with 3rd grade. Let me warn everyone, they can throw too.

The game was fun and the kids were very impressive with their skill and positive attitude. They were focused on the game and wanted to win but had the best sportsmanship I've seen in a long time. This came as no surprise as we have constant reminders of good attitudes at school.

I will play with these kids any day, mainly due to their competitive and fun attitude. I also have a score to settle - I sat out many times.

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