Wednesday, March 30, 2011

3rd Grade Poetry

Students in the 3rd grade are writing Poetry.  Raven Sampson, in Mrs. Mathis' class, shares hers below.


I like it.
Ask me why.
Because you learn new things.
Because we do math and reading.
Because we have Specials and P.E.
Because we go every week.
Because we have library.
Because we have recess.
Because we have pizza on Fridays.
Because we write in cursive.
Because. That's why.
I like school.

Written by Raven Sampson

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

SES Earns Gold Acknowledgments from T.E.A.

SISD Superintendent, Dr. Rock McNulty, presented the students and staff of Smithville Elementary with three Gold Performance Acknowledgments from the Texas Education Agency during the March School Board Meeting last night.  Based upon accountability data, the Texas Education Agency awards Gold Performance Recognitions on an annual basis.  This year, Smithville Elementary earned the acknowledgments in Commended Performance in Reading/ELA & Science and Comparable Improvement in Reading.  

Congratulations to all students and staff for earning these acknowledgments.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Playing with the Kids, and Losing

Today I ventured into the gym and found myself in a fun game of dodgeball with 4th graders. Some would say I am too old to be playing a game like this and shouldn't take advantage of the kids. Well let me set the record straight, the kids can play! They have great aim, plenty of energy, and the balls are much better than what I grew up playing with. I even got smacked in the face, by a girl with a good arm let me add, and was fine! Back-in-the-day, I would have been out on the floor after a hit like that.

I also don't remember the last time I had so many kids throwing things at me, and at one time! We had such a great time and I was glad I visited. I had so much fun I returned later in the day to play with 3rd grade. Let me warn everyone, they can throw too.

The game was fun and the kids were very impressive with their skill and positive attitude. They were focused on the game and wanted to win but had the best sportsmanship I've seen in a long time. This came as no surprise as we have constant reminders of good attitudes at school.

I will play with these kids any day, mainly due to their competitive and fun attitude. I also have a score to settle - I sat out many times.

Friday, March 25, 2011

New Meteorologists at KVUE?

Mrs. Mathis (SES) and Mrs. Parson (SJHS) visited the set of KVUE News in Austin on Thursday as a part of the 2011 WeatherFest.  We can't wait to hear about their trip behind the scenes. 

They look so natural behind the anchor desk!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

More News from the Garden

William Shotwell, a Junior Harvester at SES, explains the plans for Tuesday's gardening.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mason's Visit SES for Texas Public School Week

Smithville Elementary students were presented with bookmarks from the Masons today in celebration of Texas Public School Week.  The picture above are of Masons Sam Kuninger, Buddy Hoffman, and Larry Partridge. 

The Masons provide bookmarks to our students each year during Public School Week.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Sami's Birthday

Sami had a fantastic day on Friday celebrating her 8th birthday with everyone at SES. Sami shared her birthday cake with students and staff during lunch. She wanted everyone to know that she did not have a piece of chocolate cake because chocolate is not good for dogs. She asked for a chocolate cake with pink icing because she knows how much kids like chocolate cake and her favorite color is pink. Sami will have a special cake on Saturday, which is her actual birth date.

Sami received some really nice birthday cards, treats, and presents. She just loves everyone at SES and getting to spend the day with Mrs. Middleton's class added to her special day. Thanks Mrs. Middleton's class for having her.

Spring Break Biking Safety

Students who rode their bikes to school today received a nice surprise from the Safe Routes to School Grant. Students received new bike helmets and agreed to wear them when they ride their bikes.

In all 14 bike helmets were handed out for students to wear anytime they ride their bikes - to school or around town. The picture above is of Mrs. Myers' and her two sons Kallen and Boston.

We'll be giving away more bike helmets after Spring Break to those that do not own one and ride their bikes to school.

Everyone be safe and have fun!

Students Sharing about their Garden

Smithville Elementary Jr. Harvester's Claire and Callie share information about the garden. It is amazing how much they've learned and are teaching others through their gardening experience.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Easy to Understand Video about the Education Budget in Texas

The video below explains why schools in Texas are facing financial difficulty. The video is about 3 minutes and worth your time. The video was put together by a collaboration of three Texas school districts, Carroll, Keller, and Grapevine-Colleyville ISD's.

Easy to understand video about the budget

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Public Meeting on Budget

Last night around 135 members of the community attended the Public Meeting on the SISD Budget. Kamron Saunders, Board President, called the meeting to order and Cheryl Burns, Assistant Superintendent, spoke to the crowd explaining the process for the public input. Following her opening remarks, the crowd listened to Dr. McNulty's video-taped explanation of how SISD came to face the budget shortfall.

The video presentation explained that the state mandated lower tax rate, decrease in state funding, as well as proposed budget cuts from the state in the current legislative session have all contributed to our current crisis.

Individuals asked questions and gave input as to how to help the district. One group of parents are organizing a Smithville group to support the Save Texas Schools Rally this weekend at the State Capitol. Informative flyers are being provided to the schools to send home.

More information can be found at Save Texas Schools

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Best Dr. Seuss quote

"The more that you read, the more things you will know." - Dr. Seuss

Good Luck to Zachary in the State Freethrow Competition this weekend!

Zachary Schelcher has been participating in the Knights of Columbus Free Throw Competition. At the Regional level, he made 20 out of 25 free throws which qualified him to advance to the State Competition level which takes place this weekend in San Antonio.

Good Luck Zachary!

Book Recommendation

The Secret School by AVI

This is a great book that I recommend for everyone no matter what their age. I loved how Ida, the lead character in the story, wanted something so bad that she worked very hard until she reached her goal. The author draws you into the story to the point you won't be able to put the book down until you've finished it.

Thank you to Mrs. Pipkin for sharing her book with me. One of the best books I've read in a long time.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Morris Brothers TAKS Pep Rally

Students and staff were treated to a crazy and nerdy TAKS Pep Rally Monday afternoon thanks to our Booster Club. The Morris Brothers shared important reminders about TAKS testing with our kids in a very entertaining way. The comedy duo sang, danced, and entertained all the while reminding our students they were ready for the TAKS and could call themselves TAKS Busters!

You can see by the pictures below the kids were involved and had a great time.

Rise & Shine Monday 2.28.11

Matthew Gorman is proudly showing off his gold medal he earned competing in basketball at the Special Olympics competition on Saturday. Congratulations Matthew!

Cody Spencer is standing high on the Super Stars pedestal as "Good News" is shared about him during Rise & Shine.

These students competed at the Regional Science Fair in Austin this weekend. Congratulations to each of our competitors. A listing of their results is below. Pictured back row: Peyton Slepekis, Jade Shelton, Chad Catron, and Ava Zapalac. Pictured front row: Eliana Garza, Riley Brower-Hoy, Ashlie Dangerfield, Ashlyn Zimmerhanzel, Dakota Moberg, Alexis Tiner, and Liana Marek.

Riley Brower-Hoy - 3rd Place

Ava Zapalac - 3rd Place

Dakota Moberg - 2nd Place

Peyton Slepekis - 2nd Place

Alexis Tiner - 1st Place

Liana Marek - 1st Place

Eliana Garza - 1st Place

Jade Shelton - 1st Place

Ashlie Dangerfield - 1st Place

Ashlyn Zimmerhanzel - 1st Place

Chad Catron - 1st Place