Monday, October 4, 2010

Understanding, Acceptance, and Love

I was moved this weekend by a blog post I read by a principal in Canada who wrote about one of his students. He wrote about a little girl named Emily. Emily has Autism and her parents were concerned about Emily's acceptance at this new school.

When the mother finished asking her questions the principal reassured her the school would take care of Emily. Apparently the mother was more use to resistance and didn't know how to respond when the principal was so welcoming and helpful. He jokingly even stated the parent asked if he really was the principal. That made me laugh.

I was moved by the blog post by the love the principal showed for this child he hadn't even met, but mostly I was moved to find an example of our school. As I was reading the blog post I thought of the staff of Smithville Elementary. Every child that walks through the door of our school is treated with kindness, acceptance, and love. No matter the story each child walks in the door with, we welcome them. Even when we know we won't have them with us for very long.

Each day is a new day, a new smile, and a renewed sense of why we are in education. There can be no greater calling than to work with children. Sometimes I wonder who is getting the education - the children or the adults...I think both! Each day we all grow in our understanding, acceptance, and hopefully love of one another.

Have a great day!

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