Monday, October 18, 2010

Accomplished but not finished....

Saturday I attempted my first 50 mile trail run. The year of training and excitement leading up to the event on Saturday was an incredible experience. I came short of my goal of running 50 miles stopping at 37.81 miles. I may not have finished the race but I gave everything I had. The heat of the West Texas Canyons and hills were more than I expected. I feel that I could have completed the 50 miles, I simply ran out of time.
I attempted the Palo Duro Canyon 50 Mile Trail Run which has a 12 hour cutoff. Upon my third loop (of which it takes four to finish), I only had 3 hours to complete 12.5 miles. I can typically do this distance without much concern, however, the combination of heat and hills had taken their toll on me. I would not have been able to complete the last loop in the allotted time. Therefore I, along with the race director, felt the best decision was to stop. It would be getting dark and cold within a few hours. Stopping was the smart choice....
I wanted to continue but knew my day was done. Strangely for me I was not sad or disappointed because I knew I gave my best effort. Will I attempt another 50 miler? Good question. I have plenty of questions that I must work through following this race as I've never had to stop short of my goal.
I am blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful people that are supportive of me. No one does anything alone...and this race was no exception.
Thank you. - Ana


  1. It was a rough day out there. I ran my first 50, but the two buddies I went with also bowed out at 37.5 because of the cutoff times. I think those who bowed out before 50 were in the majority Saturday. The park ranger told one of my buddies that it got up to 105 degrees in the canyon during the run. Congrats on going so far on such a hot day.

  2. Thank you - I remember now looking at the thermometers hanging by the aid was hot! Congratulation to you I am impressed!