Friday, September 3, 2010

Rain brings out the best in people!

Today we were greeted with an early morning cleansing through heavy rain. Of course it began right before kids began getting to school and stopped when the bell rang for school to start.

The rain fell so hard that it couldn't run-off so kids, parents, and staff were wading through lots of water. The rain also brought out extra help attempting to get kids from buses and cars with limit success under umbrellas. Our help came from staff, parents, and maintenance. I wanted to thank all of those that I saw - Mr. Spicer a parent, Mr. Mounts another parent, Mr. Young in maintenance, Mrs. Waneck from the nurse's office, and numerous staff. Thank you also to those I didn't see.

Our 5th grade made an adjustment in their meeting location which was very energizing for them and the entire building. Lots of excitement and wet feet this morning but we are on track as usual. There's not much that gets Smithville Elementary 'off-track'.

Enjoy the 3-day Labor Day Weekend.


  1. I thought about how much I love small town smithville this morning in the rain! How many Principals actually stand in the rain or the sunshine for that matter, opening car doors and welcoming kiddo's to school! Thanks Principal Murray!!!

  2. Thank you. There were a lot of folks helping our kiddos today. I will share your comment with them all. Thank you for taking the time to share your kind words.