Monday, September 20, 2010

Mrs. Lewis' students write persuasive paragraphs

Mrs. Lewis gave her 5th grade students a writing assignment to persuade Ms. Murray they should be able to keep Sami, her golden retriever, for the weekend. Here is a sample of one student S. Halleck:

Sami walks down a fourth grade hallway. Everyone gathers around Sami ans she lays on the floor. She loves having attention. "You like this don't you Sami?" asks a short girl. "Woof!" as if to say "you bet!"

Sami is a Golden Retriever, who visits Smithville Elementary School. Her owner is Ana Murray. Sami loves attention. Her fur is a golden-orange color. She loves everyone at Smithville Elementary.

Dear Ms. Murray,

Please let me take Sami home for the weekend! I absolutely love dogs! I would feed her, bathe her, groom her, play with her, and most importantly love her! I vow to have her back by Monday.

S. Halleck

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  1. She "vows" to have Sami back by Monday! Good word choice; I think you should hand over the leash, Ms. Murray'