Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Teamwork and Communication

Monday, August 9 2010, the Tiger Team spent a day at McKinney Roughs on team building. This was our second go-round of team building acitivites and it was another positive day spent together. The Tiger Team is made up of the Central Office administrative staff, directors, and coordinators, assistant principals and principals. Together there are 18 individuals that make up this team. When the Tiger Team typically meets we are gathering and sharing information in an organized manner with time constraints. Once all of the formal information sharing is complete we rush off to our perspective jobs and therefore don't spend much extra time together.
Getting together for a day of team building is difficult with deadlines looming, but the impact of the day is far more important in the long run. When we completed team building activities last year we were able to learn a few things about each other. I was amazed at the strengths that each member of the team brought to the group.
This year, again we participated in various activities that encouraged communciation, listening skills, leadership, patience, support, and many other necessary skills to be effective leaders and people. At the end of the day I was tired but also rejuvenated. I was reminded how much we all need the support of each other as well as the knowledge and strengths we all have to reach a 'recognized' level in our district.
Our district earned the 'Recognized' status from TEA meaning each of our campuses earned the rating of recognized for our district to also be labeled. With this level of achievement comes support and dedication from maintenance, transportation, food service, janitorial staff, school board members, and central office staff. Our campuses worked hard to reach this goal and understand and appreciate the impact of our support groups knowing their dedication to their roles affect our students success.

So, thank you to all that support our schools and lets do it again!

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