Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My elementary principal called me today!

It was already a great day - staff smiling, students laughing, and everyone working hard and then the phone rings. Who? Oh my! On the phone was my elementary school principal and he was calling to check in on me.

Mr. H.K. Pitts was my K-5 Principal when I was growing up in Southeast Texas. I felt like a kid again and giddy at the thought of getting to talk to him.

We visited for awhile about what he and his wife are doing these days and he asked me about Smithville Elementary. We shared memories from 'back-in-the-day' and laughed a lot. I must admit I was smiling from ear to ear. I found out that Mr. Pitts is an avid cyclist having ridden the MS 150 twice and scheduled to ride the Livestrong Ride in Austin this October. How exciting...we have even more in common.

I loved elementary school and I loved Mr. Pitts. He was always smiling and taking care of us kids. I was so excited when we talked on the phone because I was able to tell him how much I admired him. I remember the little things he did on a daily basis. He talked with us, hugged us, and always wore a smile. Mr. Pitts expected us to behave and do our best. He made sure students treated each other right and loved us all. We loved him too!

When I became a principal, I knew how I wanted to treat everyone and how I hoped they ultimately felt about school. It is my hope that our students and staff feel the same way about our school as I did growing up with Mr. Pitts. Going to school was exciting. We didn't do anything spectacular - we were loved.

Just before we ended our conversation on the phone Mr. Pitts said something to me that I will never forget. Mr. Pitts told me he was proud of me! Wow! My elementary school principal, after 22 years, calls to check in on me and tells me something so powerful. My eyes fill with tears even now thinking of how wonderful it felt to hear those words from him.

Thank you Mr. Pitts.

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