Tuesday, June 22, 2010


The CSCOPE State Conference in San Antonio was well worth the trip down IH10 in the early Monday morning. The people that facilitate the conference are incredibly friendly and supportive. There were people stationed everywhere to help guide participants to their destinations. As for the sessions themselves, the PreConference, which I attended, was geared toward administrators. While in the sessions I met other administrators from across the state. Their knowledge of CSCOPE ranged from 0 - 3 years of implementation. I quickly realized that Smithville was one of the few districts going into year 4.
One thing I enjoyed about attending the conference was the additional knowledge gained through other attendees. Of course we spoke about CSCOPE but conversations also hit other aspects of our jobs.
During the first session I visited with a 5A district elementary principal that is entering their first year in CSCOPE coming off a year where they are Exemplary in all areas except Science. In Science they missed the Exemplary mark by 1%. I had to inquire as to why they were moving to CSCOPE when they seemed to have such wonderful success. The answer was that CSCOPE and their district curriculum were very much aligned and the shift would be minimal. The greater answer came in the support they would receive through their regional service center and the knowledge of those constantly working on the curriculum. Of course I wanted to know more but wouldn't you know the session began and therefore our conversation ended.

As for the sessions I attended, I enjoyed the reinforcement of prior knowledge from the State Leadership Conference in the fall as well as previous training through Region 13. CSCOPE has a new Principal Tool for Walk-throughs that was introduced in January and I am eager to learn how we can use this tool to guide our conversations about instruction in our school. The tool is designed to facilitate collaboration and discussions about individual student's needs.

Overall, I enjoyed the conference and wish that I hadn't missed the deadline to attend the entire conference. Next year the conference is scheduled for August 2nd-4th and it is my plan to have classroom teachers attend as well. To talk with other teachers and administrators from across the state is powerful as well as encouraging. The conference also reinforces the amount of support we have at our region service centers as well as campuses and districts across the state.

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