Thursday, June 10, 2010

2010 TEPSA Summer Conference

This week I attended the 2010 TEPSA Summer Conference. (Texas Association of Principals and School Administrators) I enjoyed visiting with other administrators from across the great state of Texas and am eager to learn from the sessions offered during the conference.

One incredible session that Mrs. Hewitt and I attended together was titled Drum Cafe. It was a lively session with more drums than I have ever seen - even in a music catalog! It's amazing the rhythm that principals have. The whole time I was thinking that our music teacher, Mrs. Sherrill, would have loved being there. The idea of the Drum Cafe was to communicate through the same drum beat. Of course there were some that definitely were beating to a different drummer - but that was ok.

The sessions offered included using data to drive decisions, issues with social media, motivation and school climate, and many more. I hope to add a few posts of the sessions attended in the neat future.

All in all, the conference allows for quality networking, reinforcement of ideas or concepts, and the opportunity to speak directly with some of our vendors.

I am excited that TEPSA is offering all sessions from the conference online following the conclusion of the conference. This was really great to learn since it is impossible to attend all sessions. TEPSA is truly leading the way with improving Texas schools and providing for online learning opportunities.

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