Sunday, June 20, 2010

2010 CSCOPE State Conference

On Monday, I will be attending the CSCOPE State Conference in San Antonio. This conference is a 3 day event, however I will only be attending on Monday. I will have over 30 sessions to choose from to learn more about our curriculum and how to ensure that we are using our curriculum effectively in our school.

The CSCOPE State Conference focuses on improved student achievement through successful implementation of the CSCOPE curriculum management system. The conference provides various learning strands for new and experienced CSCOPE teachers and leaders. Session topics will focus on:

* CSCOPE system components
* 5E lesson design
* Instructional strategies/differentiation
* Assessments
* Customization

I am looking forward to attending this event as the CSCOPE Administrators Conference in October of 2009 was very informative. I hope to learn more about the lesson planning aspects as well as how to support the classroom teacher.

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