Sunday, May 9, 2010

Watt Watchers Looking Good

Our Watt Watchers green vests are in. A big thank you to Ms. Swearingen for making the vests for our students. Now when students walk the halls looking for electricity usage we will all know they are in uniform and working hard. Our Watt Watchers is a 3rd - 5th grade group of students that walk the halls at different times of the day checking for classrooms and offices to make sure that lights are out when rooms are not being used. They place reminders to those that left their lights on and quietly turn the lights off. They also place good notes on the doors of those that turn off their lights when not in use.

The Watt Watchers group has been a productive reminder of the importance of turning off lights and saving electricity. This is the Inaugural group of Watt Watchers and they have done a great job.

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