Sunday, May 16, 2010

Friday's Spirit Rally Offered Up A Frozen Challenge

The 3rd Grade Team of Teachers won the Spirit Rally Challenge this past Friday....but did they win it all? The challenge this past week was to unroll a frozen t-shirt and get it completely and properly on a willing student first. Teams had to first thaw the shirts which had been soaked in water and frozen overnight!

Staff teams have been competing all year during faculty meetings and spirit rallies for overall top honors. Each challenge offers up points to the top 3 teams awarding from 25 points, 15 points, and 10 points. The challenges test the teams ability to work together, think together, laugh together, and offers up plenty of entertainment as they work to complete the assigned task first. This first year has delivered a ton of fun and excitement and the overall winners will be named at Rise & Shine. Prizes for the winners are supported by the Booster Club.

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