Sunday, May 2, 2010

Big Thanks to many folks!

Last week Smithville Elementary students and staff completed the TAKS & LAT tests. Both students and staff were wonderfully awesome throughout the entire week. We have a great staff and a great group of kids at SES and they always bring a huge smile to my life.

I will leave the remaining space to Mrs. Hewitt as she says....

• Ana and Brandi for helping to organize this massive puzzle, and keeping me sane :)
• Jane and Jennifer for making sure everything went smoothly as always.
• Amy for making sure we met all the requirements for IEP's and traveling to Bastrop to administer tests, as well as everything else we have asked of you.
• David Edwards and Jim Philpot for helping administer tests at DAEP.
• Candy Biehle and her staff- for making sure we had breakfast and snacks everyday.
• Sophie and Starr for taking care of our sick children during testing, and helping to get them through.
• Wynelle Ogden and Barbara Charba for being willing to step in and help us. (remember you can come back and do this after retiring...hint, hint, Brenda.)
• Lisa, Amber, Brenda, Cathy, Jana, and Beverly for stepping in and helping wherever we needed and with small groups.
• Eileen, Darlene, Cory, Marie, and Sheila for making sure that all students and staff were taken care of and for guarding the halls.
• Jason, Kathy, Sara, Phil, and Teri-Dawn for taking care of our small groups and all of the accommodations, and for making sure our children are pushed to reach their potential despite the odds.
• Caren, Michele, Sara, Crystal, Gina, Margaret, Melissa, Whitney, Sue, Laura, Cathy, Mary Be., Chris, Tyler, Mary L., Jenny, Paulette, and Mary Bo. for standing the test of time, patience, and energy, not just during TAKS, but everyday. Thank you for believing in our kids no matter what.
• The rest of you who kept the world moving despite the craziness of the week.
It truly takes everyone to make this work, and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart!! I could not do this without you. Enjoy staff appreciation week, it comes at a perfect time as you are sincerely appreciated.

We'll see the kiddos back on Tuesday for Rise & Shine.

Have a great week everyone - Ms. Murray

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